Blastrite Platinum Grit Consistently Low Chloride and Conductivity Results

Salt Test

One of the best features of using Blastrite Platinum Grit is the confidence that Chloride (ppm) and
Conductivity (µS/cm) are consistently and reliably below all international standards.

  • Typical soluble Chloride reading below 10ppm
  • Typical soluble Conductivity is below 150 µS/cm

As the abrasive itself contains very little salt contamination – there is almost no salt transfer from the abrasive onto the blasted surface. Accordingly, residual salt contamination on the surface after dry blasting is well below international standards. In fact, in recent panel tests conducted in a large Malaysian shipyard, residual salt contamination on the substrate (as per ISO 8502-6) was well below 20 µS/cm.

Don’t run the risk of having your blasting rejected by the onsite inspector for excessive salt contamination – use Blastrite – and be confident that you’ll pass conductivity or chloride tests easily – and quickly move onto painting.