Blastrite Pty Ltd AB1 Cert 2025

Blastrite Platinum Grit Re-certified under AMPP SSPC-AB 1 Qualified Products Program ‘Mineral and Slag Abrasive’ to December 2025

AMPP has confirmed that Blastrite Platinum Grit is re-certified to meet the requirements for a ‘Class A’ abrasive as defined in AMPP SSPC-AB 1 Qualified Products Program ‘Mineral and Slag Abrasive’. ‘Class A’ simply means that Blastrite Platinum Grit free silica levels are below 1%. This certification extends until 1st December 2025.

To qualify under SSPC-AB 1, Blastrite Platinum Grit must also comply with all applicable federal, state, and local, environmental, health and safety regulations. Blastrite Platinum Grit is also certified under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) as permissible for outdoor abrasive blasting and Mil-Spec MIL-A-22262 ‘Abrasive Blasting Media Ship Hull Blast Cleaning’ by the US Navy

Blastrite Platinum Grit supplies four main products, B40, B60, B90 and B100, which have been independently certified by SSPC to deliver average anchor profile of 40 µm, 60 µm, 90 µm and 100 µm respectively.

Blastrite Platinum Grit has been certified under SSPC-AB 1 since 2017.