Corr-Ze™ Product Line

Corr-Ze™ is a metal surface preparation product guaranteed to improve coating adhesion and prevent under-film corrosion.
Achieve the ultimate visual and microscopically clean metal in minutes, stop flash rust and prevent corrosion under coatings well into the future. Apply Corr-Ze™ to metal assets or components to remove impurities in one step.

Corr-Ze™ can double the time between significant coating failure maintenance events and works with any coating system to create a uniform receptive metal surface for improved adhesion and consistent, optimized coating performance.


Corr-Ze™ 100

Soluble Salt and Contaminant Remove

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Corr-Ze™ 200

Soluble Salt and Flash Rust Remover

Corr-Ze™ Benefits:

Corrosion Innovations is committed to continuing the research of metal surface contaminants in order to develop environmentally safe and cost-effective solutions to best support our customers. We take pride in assisting top global organizations in their pursuit of best practices to ensure the integrity and longevity of all metal surfaces. Learn more about the safety of our products by downloading our biomonitoring report below.

Corr-Ze™ Coatings Approval Letters

Corr-Ze™ corrosion prevention surface preparation products do not leave a film and are approved by several coatings manufacturers. Rest assured that a surface prepped with Corr-Ze™ will prevent rework and significantly improve your carbon footprint while providing superior coating adhesion.

Corr-Ze™ Recommended Uses: