Corr-ZeTM Delivers Significant Reduction in Bresle Results, Removes Rust and Halts Flash Rusting for more than 3 days in Internal Trials

Recent field trials of Corr-ZeTM demonstrates significant reductions in salt contamination (Bresle tests – ISO 8502-6 and 8502-9) during dry blasting applications.  In addition, with Corr-ZeTM 100 there was no flash rusting for at least 3 days, and Corr-ZeTM 200 completely removed all rust and returned the substrate to the original post-blast condition. Please contact us for the full field trial report.

Corr-ZeTM 100 (Bresle) on Dry Blasted (Alluvial Garnet) Test Panel

Panel originally tested at 49 mg/ m2.  After blasting with alluvial garnet the result increased to 77 mg/ m2 – so dry blasting added 28 mg/ m2.  And finally, after application of Corr-Ze 100, the final surface tested at 20 mg/ m2 (a reduction of 57 mg/ m2 or 75%), and the surface held for over 3 days.  

Corr-ZeTM 200 (Bresle) on Rusted (Medium Rust) Test Panel

Test panel was blast cleaned – and allowed to rust over several days before the test commenced.  The rusted panel tested at 226 mg/ m2.  After application of Corr-ZeTM 200, all rust was removed, and the test panel returned to the post-blast condition.  The Bresle result was only 7 mg/ m2.

These tests demonstrated the enormous benefit from the application of Corr-ZeTM products in dry blasting application – to both significantly reduce substrate salt contamination (Bresle), removing rust from rusted substrates, and holding off flash rusting.

BAS is the proud distributor of Corr-ZeTM products in Southeast Asia – working alongside Houston based CRW.

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