Mat Sanie Mat Noor Appointed Director


Blast Abrasives Supply appoints Mat Sanie Mat Noor as Director, Sales & Technical Support

We are pleased to announce that Sanie has been appointed as Blast Abrasives Supply (BAS) Director of Sales & Technical Support.

Sanie is well known in the Malaysian oil & gas, contracting and shipyard industry with two decades of experience in the sales & distribution of abrasive blasting media. Additionally, Sanie has worked in the Middle East and across Asia on various technical support assignments over the years.

Sanie is qualified under SSPC C7 (abrasive blasting), has sat for the SSPC Protective Coatings Inspector course, and completed numerous OEM training courses in blasting equipment and testing instruments. As well as overseeing all sales activities in Malaysia, Sanie delivers BAS vendor technical support during blasting panel tests and field trials with facility owners and contractors, troubleshooting, and assistance in optimizing abrasive blasting performance and efficiency. 

Please join me in welcoming Sanie to the team – we are fortunate to have someone of Sanie’s broad experience and skills as one of our founding members.

Sanie can be contacted at or by his cell phone +6012 549 7476.