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Press Release
1st September 2021
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Announcement: CRW Consulting & Distribution appoints Blast Abrasives Supply as South East Asia Distributor of Corr-Ze™ Products

Houston-based CRW Consulting & Distribution (CRW) and Kuala Lumpur-based Blast Abrasives Supply (BAS) are pleased to announce a strategic alliance to promote and develop the sales of Corr-Ze Products in South East Asia.  Corr-Ze™ is a metal surface preparation product guaranteed to improve coating adhesion and prevent under-film corrosion.

With over 200+ years of combined coatings and surface preparation experience, CRW is the proud distributor of Corr-Ze™ product, which eliminate everything that promotes flash rust and under film corrosion.  

BAS is a specialist supplier of abrasive blasting media and related surface preparation consumables that serves the South East Asian contractor and shipyard industry.  

The Corr-Ze™ products increase productivity and decrease uncertainty associated with coating projects by eliminating flash rust issues:

  • Corr-Ze™ 100 cleans the substrate, leaving it free of contaminants, preventing flash rust for extended periods depending on environmental conditions.  
  • Corr-Ze™ 200 removes flash rust, sulfides, soluble salts (including chlorides) to non-detectable levels.  

CRW and BAS will pool their resources and deep industry experience to jointly develop the Corr-Ze™ market across South East Asia.

For more information, please contact:

John “Trey” E. Chandler III
CRW Consulting & Distribution

Aaron Williams
Managing Director
Blast Abrasives Supply Sdn Bhd